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Different types of food cuisines
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Different types of food cuisines 

There are different types of food cuisines around the world. Cuisine  is a method or style of cooking or preparing the food, especially as the quality of a particular country, region, or establishment.Cuisine is influenced by geographical location and culture and peoples taste.The below are the top cuisine of the world.


Caribbean cuisine is an exciting mix of different forms of food like Creole, African, and Latin American, that includes different traditions mixed together over time. poultry , Fish, and pork are frequently roasted or grilled, as well as cooked into curries and stews. rice , beans as well as coconut, limes, bell peppers, plantains, tomatoes, yams, and yucca, are all staples food. Tropical fruits, hot peppers , garlic, cilantro, onion, tamarind, rosemary, tarragon, and marjoram are all popular ingredients in marinades, seasonings, Caribbean spices.


With roots dating back to early history, Italian cuisine has evolved over centuries of socioeconomic development. With the discovery of the New World and the arrival of tomatoes,  bell peppers, potatoes, and maize, which are now staples of the cuisine but were not readily available until the 18th century, most significant changeoccurred.The simplicity of Italian cuisine is done in order to make sure that many recipes have only three or four main ingredients in preparation. The quality of the food is more important to Italian cooks than the complex preparation. Italian Ingredients and cuisines differ by location and culture. Many once-regional dishes have spread across the globe, with small changes in taste and preparation process.


Various styles of Chinese food come from all around China, as well as from Chinese people all over the world. The great history of Chinese cuisine in China dates back to  thousands of years and has slowly evolved according to climate, imperial fads, and local preferences from time to time and from area to region. Chinese provinces’ preferences for food seasoning and cooking abilities are influenced by historical context and ethnic groups. Because drasticallyvarying China’s temperature from tropical in the southern part of the county  to subarctic in the northeast part of country,  geographical characteristics such as rivers, forests, mountains, and deserts have a negative impact on the availability of natural vegetation and  available elements.


Mediterranean cuisine is the food from the different cultures close and near to the Mediterranean Sea. Even Though this region spans a wide variety of cultures, the historical connections of the region thru past, also the impact of the Mediterranean Sea on the region’s economy and climate plays a role in the development of the cuisine. These cuisines share dishes like roast mutton or lamb, meat stews with vegetable stews like Provençal ratatouille, Spanish Pisto, and the salami. vegetables and tomato like Spanishandrajos, In most of the Mediterranean countries, anise-based spirits are consumed.

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