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About Cervical Cancer Vaccine Singapore Clinic

About Cervical Cancer Vaccine Singapore Clinic 

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) are viruses that most of us have in our lives. There are more than 100 different types of HPV viruses, and some of them come and go without any symptoms. Others can cause changes in cells, leading to genital warts or cervical cancer.

Prevention and early detection are essential when it comes to their health. Getting the cervical cancer vaccine, also known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, will safeguard one against the virus. One can go to a cervical cancer vaccine singapore clinic if one is situated in Singapore.

What is the purpose of the HPV vaccine?

HPV strains spread through sexual contact and are linked to the majority of cases of cervical cancer. If given before girls or women are exposed to the virus, this vaccine can prevent the majority of cases of cervical cancer. This vaccine is also effective in preventing vaginal and vulvar cancer. Furthermore, the vaccine can protect against genital warts, anal cancers, and mouth, throat, head, and neck cancers in both men and women.

In theory, immunizing boys against the types of HPV linked to cervical cancer could help protect girls from the virus by reducing transmission.

cervical cancer vaccine singapore clinic

Who should be vaccinated against cervical cancer (HPV)?

The HPV vaccination is recommended for girls aged 11 and 12. It is also recommended for those aged 13 to 26 who have not yet been vaccinated. The dosing schedule consists of two or three doses spread out over six months, depending on the age at which the course is started – if started before the age of 14.

Who should not be vaccinated against HPV?

Pregnant women and moderately or severely ill people are not advised to get the HPV vaccine. Inform your doctor if you have any severe allergies, such as yeast or latex allergy. In addition, you should not receive the vaccine if you have had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine or a previous dose of the vaccine.

Cervical cancer vaccine Singapore clinic offers a wide range of medical services. They have doctors who have received international training and speak various languages. Skilled nurses and administrative personnel aid each doctor. They provide a wide range of services, including Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Teen Health, Health Screenings, Corporate Medicine, Travel Health, and On-Site Dispensing. At their clinics, they provide in-person consultations as well as Telemedicine.

They are committed to medical integrity, and the clients can always rely on the advice provided. They are trained and experienced from all over the world, and they believe in developing a service centered on kindness rather than profit.

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