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Design Your Dream House with Solid Wood Flooring Company
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Design Your Dream House with Solid Wood Flooring Company 

Wood floors are beautiful and elegant and have been around for centuries. But they’re expensive to maintain and make noise while walking on them. A wood floor’s lifespan is 20-50 years, depending on how well-maintained it is. You’ll want to keep it clean and oiled to extend its life.

 Solid wood floorings are not only pretty to look at but durable and sturdy too! Different types of solid wood flooring are available, including engineered, tongue and groove, laminate, parquet, and real wood floors. Each type of solid wood flooring company has its advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to go with solid wood flooring, consider these things first:

  • Type of wood – How old is the wood? Will it warp over time? Is it going to need maintenance?
  • Location – Consider the location where you plan to install the floor. If moisture or humidity is present, you should use water-resistant wood species. Choose earthquake-resistant wood species if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.
  • Budget – What budget do you have for purchasing a solid wood floor? Are you getting a warranty on your floor? Do you need to hire professionals to install your floor?
  • Your lifestyle – Determine what kind of lifestyle you want to have based on how often you plan to walk, stand, sit, or sleep on the floor.

solid wood flooring company

 There are many styles of solid wood flooring today. Here are some examples of popular solid wood flooring options:

 Engineered wood flooring is manufactured using lumber from trees harvested in plantations owned by a third party. These woods are chosen according to the characteristics desired in a particular application. The engineered wood floor may vary from white pine to red oak.

 Tongue and groove solid wood flooring is manufactured from boards that have both ends cut and then fitted together to create a seamless surface. All seams are sealed with glue and then finished off with polyurethane sealers. Tongue and groove floors are constructed the same way as engineered wood floors, except they don’t have any joints.

 Laminate flooring uses layers of PVC plastic bonded together under high pressure. Laminates come in various colors, and designs with patterns or images etched into them. Many laminates can even mimic the appearance of real wood.

 Parquet flooring is made from pieces of wood that are glued together and polished. The pieces are cut and sanded down until each piece looks like a small square block of wood.

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