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Stormwater System And Management: Control Rainwater Flood! 

A stormwater pit is a container or storage for stormwater. It is not designed for holding the water, but it is like an inground water tank. It has to be large enough to where the water pours, and long enough to pass through the drainage pipes. Thus, stormwater pits are needed to control the flow of rainwater to avoid flooding inside or outside the house.

The stormwater that runs off from roofs, driveways, and some other large surfaces when raining can possibly lead to flooding or possible damage to some areas of the house. It adds up quite a lot of water, and it can be damaging if not contained or diverted. It is what stormwater containers and drainage are designed to work.

Stormwater pit

There is a lot to install when setting up a stormwater pit. To install the storage container and works efficiently, it has to be in the right size and requires a filtration system to stop clogging.

You have the concrete storage container for a DIY installation. But, before installing one, you may have to check with the local council. A concrete stormwater pit must be installed by a licensed professional in Australia. There are tendencies like installed by a non-professional and ends up the wrong installation that caused flooding in the area, as opposed to the expected function of the storage container.

Then, it would be a big risk for you, even in your neighborhood. There is a good reason why storage containers must be installed by a professional. If the wrong style and type of storage container are installed for your climate and location, the container might not do its job. You don’t want the storage container undermining your house foundations and causing damages to some part of the property or worse to your neighbors.

stormwater pits

Stormwater pit installations

When thinking of stormwater systems at home, you would imagine those gutters, drains, and downpipes. All of them work together to make sure that the stormwater hitting on the roof is perfectly controlled and managed to avoid the following:

  • Flooding
  • Property damage
  • Waterway and water supply contamination

These are only a few situations that can cause stormwater unable to manage. But, it could be less talk when a stormwater management system stormwater pit is installed.

Basic types of stormwater storage containers

There are a few basic types of this rainwater management system to choose from:

  • Precast knockout. It has a complex name, but this put drain is made of heavy-duty precast concrete.
  • GRC. It stands for Glass Reinforced Concrete, which is a lighter alternative, easy-to-move pit.
  • Side entry. It is a pit that you will find next to street gutters. It gets its name from the way how it works.
  • Custom. There are plenty of stormwater storage containers offered in custom design to meet customers’ precise requirements.

Which one do you need for your home?

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