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What is the need for an HDB licensed contractor

What is the need for an HDB licensed contractor 

An HDB-licensed contractor has undergone extensive training to ensure that they can carry out renovations in HDB flats. Being licensed shows that they know what to do for modeling your HDB apartment without causing structural damage or damaging adjacent units. “HDB’s Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme (RRCS) assures that the contract workers who operate on your houses have the requisite know-how. There is a thorough screening procedure in place, and contractors will also have their HDB license canceled if they collect a specific amount of penalty points for violating HDB guidelines.

If your home is an HDB flat, it is high time you look for an HDB registered renovation contractor, so you get only the best services for remodeling your house. If not done correctly, you might get scammed by fewer quality contractors into using their services at rates you’re not aware of the standard.

What does it require to get an HDB license?


  • The contractor must pass HDB’s training program satisfactorily.
  • The contractor should have a minimum of 3 years of knowledge in the remodeling industry and actively participate in it. The firm must be ACRA-registered for more than a year.
  • For a minimum year, the contractor must be the only proprietor of the business.
  • The business should have a spotless track record.

hdb registered renovation contractor

Is it necessary?

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) made hiring HDB contractors an obligatory requirement due to past occurrences affecting the refurbishment and construction industry. HDB homeowners must use HDB-licensed restoration contractors to conduct restoration work in their residences under this regulation.

A renovation contractor cannot operate on HDB residences unless they are registered with and included in the DRC. Their job is to guarantee that renovations are completed on schedule and per HDB’s high safety requirements. To impose action in situations of non-compliance, HDB uses the Demerit Points System. The perpetrator may get demerit points, penalties, or suspension, depending on the severity of the offense.

Unlicensed contractors may try to persuade you to hire them because applying for an HDB license is challenging. They’ll suggest ways to get through the system, like ‘lending’ an associate company’s license. Using a non-HDB-licensed contractor to renovate your HDB apartment is prohibited and can result in a fine of a minimum of $5000, among other repercussions. With this backfiring against you, hire an HDB licensed contract as per the law, even if it costs a few bucks extra, to avoid facing penalties!

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