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VOIP: Keeping Up With The Modern  Day Communication

VOIP: Keeping Up With The Modern Day Communication 

Transfer of multimedia and voice content by an internet network is referred as VoIP or Voice over internet protocol. It allows us to make calls (voice) from a PC, smartphone, and other mobile devices. Nowadays, special singapore voip phones are also available in the market. It includes key feature like recording a call, voicemail, and e-mails.The reason why this particular technology has become this much popular is that these features are not usually available on other phone services. The very first application of VoIP,Speak Freely,was released back in 1991. Communique, launched after almost a year, had options for the video conferences. However, the credit for commercializing the VoIP services goes to the ‘InSoft’, which is based in the United States.

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Types of VoIP telephones

There are two major categories of the VoIP phones which are available currently. Hardware based VoIP phonesgenerally looks like the conventional hard-wired telephone and possess features like microphone, caller id display, caller conferencing, etc. On the other hand, Software based VoIP phones are the software clients installed on PC or mobile phone. The basic working of a VoIP is that it converts the voice of a user from the audio signals into the digital data. Then this digital data is sent to the other user or a group of the users over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Pros and Cons of VoIP service

The main benefits offered by a VoIP are the lower cost of use as the prices associated with the use of VoIP is lesser than that of the phone. The rates of  international calls are also lesser. The additional features add up to this advantage. In Addition, audios in particular, are of high quality because the data is uncompressed. It can be accessed from the remote locations where they can freely call into the meetings and remain in continuous touch with their colleagues. However, the requirement of a high-speed internet connection is a major drawback. There is no existence of the directory assistance in case it is needed. Although a number of services are available but not all of them are able to connect to the emergency services directly. In fact, these services are unable to work in the times of power outages.

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